Ontario has it all, big bustling cities and quaint rural communities for a little
rest and relaxation.

Why should you move to Ontario?

  1. Great people - 40% of Canada’s population choose to live in this beautiful province. Its demographic fabric is made of up of 25% visible minorities which makes it rich in culture and inclusivity . It is also chalked full of artistic and athletic talents like stars like Rachel McAdams (St. Thomas), Ryan Gosling (London), Jim Carrey (Newmarket), Drake (Toronto), Avril Lavigne (Napanee), Shania Twain (Windsor), Wayne Gretzky (Brantford) and Milos Raonic (Thornill) all hail from Ontario.
  2. Highly skilled - Ontario is better educated than any other OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country with 68% of Ontario adults holding a post-secondary education. The next closest country would be Japan at 51%, the U.S. & U.K at 46% and Germany at 40%).
  3. Big spaces - Ontario is Canada’s 2nd largest province and is also home to Canada's capital, Ottawa, and Toronto, the most populous city. The province shares a 2,700 kilometer (1,678 mile) border with the United States.
  4. Self-sufficient in resources - Ontario has solid forestry and mining resources, manufacturing and is Canada’s largest producer of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products.
  5. Lakes & parks - Ontario is home to 250,000 lakes and more than 100,000 km of rivers. Plus, 10% of this province is dedicated to parks. In fact, The Ontario Parks system is often used as the model for other parks systems in North America.
  6. Innovation - Ontario’s economic commitment is to invest almost 3 million until 2027. This will allow the province to be well positioned to become one of the most innovative economies in the world. Ontario offers a creative environment, a diverse culture and a highly skilled workforce that has allowed it to be a frontrunner in innovation.
  7. High Award for Higher Education - More than 1/3 of Canada’s top universities are in Ontario…many of which rank in the top in the world.

Why move to rural Eastern Ontario?

  • Housing affordability - Skyrocketing GTA housing prices have encouraged many families to migrate out of the city to less expensive market like the city of Belleville or the small village of Marmora.
  • Continued growth - Ontario’s population is projected to grow by 30.3 per cent, or more than 4.2 million, over the next 25 years. Not everyone wants to live in a large city centre nor can they afford to.
  • Aging population - Seniors (65 years and older) are the fastest growing age group in Ontario. By 2041, it is projected that 25% of Ontario's population will be 65 years or older, almost doubling from 3 million seniors in 2016 to 4.6 million seniors. Seniors want to move to rural market for their financial freedom and a slower pace of life
  • Amenities & inventory are coming - By providing a vast array of modern housing inventory (condos, apartments, townhouses etc.) geared specifically to specific demographics, buyers will come. In turn, this will provide the necessary population base to allow businesses to prosper.