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  • July 30, 2020
  • By Trina Fong
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Top Universities in Canada by Province

Top Universities in Canada by Province main image
26 Canadian universities are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2021, including three in the top 60. A further 11 are in the global top 400, all ranked based on a methodology which considers each institution’s rating among employers and academics, as well as its research impact and other factors.
  • July 30, 2020
  • By Trina Fong
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Belleville Population 2020

Belleville is a city that is located in Ontario, Canada. It is situated along the Moira River and serves as the seat of Hastings County, despite being politically independent. The city was first incorporated as a village in 1836 and became a city in 1878.

Despite its short history, the city of Belleville has experienced population growth in recent years, with recent numbers showing that the population is 50,716. The 2016 census shows a slight growth of population to some 67,666 now residing in the city proper.

Area Size and Population Density

Belleville covers over 82.64 square kilometers, giving the city a population density of 818 inhabitants per square kilometer. The larger metro area has a population of over 92,000 people and stretches across over 286 square miles.

Demographics of Belleville

Most of the people that reside in Belleville are of European descent. Over 90% of inhabitants are White, while 4.4% are Aboriginal, over 3% are Asian, and less than 1% are Black, Latin American, Arab, or Multiracial.

Over 67% of the population is Christian, while over 30% do not follow a religion. The median age of residents is 43.5, which is higher than the national average.

Population Growth

The median value of homes, as well as median household income, also falls below the national average. The city’s population has experienced growth throughout the years, with some periods of slight population declines. However, since 2001, Belleville has seen nothing but growth in terms of its population. Data from 2016 showed a population of over 50,000 residents, reflecting a 1.3% increase from 2011 data. Given these historic population trends, it is to be expected that the city will continue to add to its population in the years ahead slowly.

  • May 15, 2018
  • By Meg McCaslin
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Use Colour to Make Your Statement

New condo projects like The Pinnacle in Belleville, ON are bringing exciting choices to the marketplace for first time homebuyers, as well as those wanting to downsize and forfeit home maintenance and space they no longer need in their large rural homes.

Along with a new space comes the opportunity to take the neutral colour palette of a model condominium to customize it to your own individual tastes.

Ivonny Saputra, the Manager of the Design Department at FairTradeWorks says that, “smart use of colour in a condo can transform a standard space into a personal statement.” She gives the example of how a living room done in The Pinnacle in downtown Belleville can reflect the sky and bring the calm outdoor waters of the nearby Bay of Quinte and Moira River indoors, simply by using the new popular pastel blue called Constellation Blue by Benjamin Moore. It can then be complimented with an off-white ceiling colour like Chantilly Lace also by Benjamin Moore, which will help reflect light and open up the space to give it the feeling that it is much larger and airy.

Saputra explains that “homeowners are often afraid to implement bold colours to a smaller space. They end up with neutral colours everywhere which can appear lack-luster when in fact, the opposite is what the space needs.”  She says that homeowners should be aiming for loud splashes of colour that will enhance the space and bring more life to the home.

Saputra says that colour transformation does not stop with the paint.  Accessories of bright colour placed strategically throughout the space help light bounce and draw our eyes to a chosen focal point. Wall décor, low-maintenance indoor plants, lighting fixtures & throw pillows are a few other things that can bring the design together.

Repetitive use of themed colours throughout a room like soft pinks or blues for instance can add a real soft & luxurious ambiance, while large swaths of dark colour can radiate a very intentional feel of masculinity & richness.

Allow these colour palettes to pique your design interest.

Development a Perfect Fit for Core

March 29, 2018  by James Griffin

Saturday's letter to the editor

BELLEVILLE - Development a perfect fit for core

Vancouver development company FairTradeWorks is proposing a mixed-use retail, six storey 80-unit condominium on the former site of the Quinte Hotel. Belleville is a city on the move with the newly refurbished Yardmen Arena home to a professional hockey team it is time that the city’s downtown catches up.

This is not an idea that is new to Belleville, in 2006 the city introduced its Downtown Master Plan (DMP). The plan was initiated as downtown Belleville’s historic function of being a primary retail and employment centre decreased. The decline over the last four decades has had negative impacts on downtown. The investment of a Vancouver-based company in Belleville’s downtown is just what the city needs, as long as the development conforms to the Official Plan (OP) and, more importantly, the award-winning DMP.

The site has been vacant since December 2012 when the four storey hotel burned down. Under Belleville’s zoning bylaw #10245, the site is currently zoned C2 General Commercial. In Belleville, areas that are zoned general commercial are permitted to have residential units as long as they are above the first floor. Within Belleville’s OP the site is designated as city centre, under this designation the OP encourages developments which will increase the diversity and vitality of the downtown.

The DMP breaks downtown Belleville into four distinct districts. The site falls within The Village district. A key objective for The Village district is to ensure new developments enhance east-west connections to facilitate greater pedestrian traffic by reinforcing physical and visual linkages between neighbourhoods. The DMP suggests that mixed-use, multi-storey developments be built and designed which correspond to the urban profile that is consistent with the guidelines for mid-rise buildings in the plan.

In my opinion, due to the guidelines which have been outlined, the development is excellent land use planning for Belleville. The development will help shape downtown Belleville into the place it once was. The proposed six storey condo follows the guidelines for the city centre as laid out in the OP such as encouraging residential mixed-use compact developments. The development will conform to the city centre designation by enhancing the downtown core as a major focus of economic activity. After a review of the zoning bylaw, it is clear that the building should stay a C2 General Commercial zone designation, as this designation is most apt for a mixed-use building with commercial at grade and residential above.

The development does an excellent job in following the guidelines laid out in the DMP, as the development would increase east-west connections by facilitating greater pedestrian traffic through the amenities on the lower level, along with reinforcing a sense of community within the neighbourhood.

My concluding thoughts are that this investment by a Vancouver-based company is a fantastic opportunity for the entire Belleville community. Their investment, which is founded upon terrific land use planning guidelines, is what makes the development significantly beneficial for Belleville.

James Griffin/

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  • March 6, 2018
  • By Meg McCaslin
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Comfort & Luxury vs Headaches & Hassles

Many rural Canadians think that a large home with a big yard and lots of gardens define success in life but when the reality sets in of how much time home maintenance takes, many Canadians think of alternative housing solutions. Modern condominium living may be the solution that you have been looking for.

Here are our top 3 reasons why condo ownership is makes sense:

  1. Comfort & Luxury vs Headaches & Hassles

If you own a home, you know how many hours are dedicated to cutting grass, pulling weeds, shoveling snow, painting and general maintenance. When you own a condo, you have none of these worries, PLUS you have many more hours of free time to enjoy extra activities.

You also have access to amenities that you traditionally don’t have in most homes. From the luxurious BBQ and outdoor entertaining area, to the convenient underground car wash and pet care station,  condo living allows residents more time to be social, creating a strong sense of community.

And let’s not forget about locking the door and leaving for vacation. No one needs to house sit, the pipes won’t freeze, and you don’t have to worry about the mailbox or newspapers outside your door. Pair your community watch with electronic fobs for your door and elevator security, and suddenly you have a lovely sense of home and personal safety.



  1.  In the Heart of It

Owning a condominium in the downtown area is not only practical, but also fun! Time is a precious commodity. Think of how many hours you spend commuting and running errands. Replace those hours with a walk to your favourite gym in the morning, or a stroll to your favourite restaurant around the corner in the evening. Think of all the time you are saving in maintenance free living!

Then there’s the people you will meet in the building. You will have new friends with whom you can enjoy local sites, restaurants, pubs, live theatre and attractions.



  1. Live or Rent – Condos Are A Wise Investment

Condos are also great as a secondary income source. If you are thinking of using your condo as an investment and want to be a landlord, condos are a great addition to a city’s rental inventory.

They are perfect for those wanting a snowbird lifestyle, for professionals who want to live close to their business, their practice or the hospital, for students in post-secondary school, and for people wanting to have a second home away from the big city.

To find out more about great value condominium living like The Pinnacle, in Belleville, ON register to the Presales Launch at 7pm, on March 22nd, 2018 at The Empire Theatre.

The Pinnacle Presentation Centre will open on March 22nd, 2018 at 360 Pinnacle St., Belleville, ON. Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday 11am- 6pm.

  • February 14, 2018
  • By Meg McCaslin
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Customizing Spaces for Professionals

Considering a condo in Belleville, ON, halfway between Toronto and Ottawa? Who isn’t?

The value in this quaint city is incredible and for professionals wanting to escape the busy metropolitan areas and relax in their now home away from home- The Pinnacle suites are priceless.

The Pinnacle is located in the heart of downtown Belleville and is only steps away from incredible restaurants, exciting live theatre, waterfront paths and countless beautiful parks and public spaces. However, the task of outfitting a new condo can be overwhelming for busy professionals, as they still want the sophistication of the city to serve as a setting for business, yet they want their space to be comfortable enough for relaxation and entertaining.

To avoid the hassle of long-distance furniture shopping, many prospective buyers are reaching out design experts like Ivonny Saputra. She's provided the vision for the professionally designed interiors of The Pinnacle including:

  • Rich laminate flooring throughout main living areas
  • Durable & exquisite quartz countertop
  • Spacious bathrooms with custom vanities & stunning porcelain tiles
  • Gorgeous, functional kitchens with Samsung appliances

The second step in her service is customizing units for professionals, being sure to add special touches like feature walls with chic geometrical designs, adding upgraded chef quality kitchen appliances, or simply purchasing and arranging the entire homes furniture and décor.

The design process always begins with a professional Designer getting to know the client’s tastes and intended uses for the space. Perhaps the clients are looking to embrace the rich hues of the Belleville waterfront and bring the textures of the outdoors into their new getaway haven. The designer can then follow the directive, lay out a story board with design ideas and recommendations, design a floor plan to show where everything will go and more importantly confirm dimensions of furniture & décor, to ensure they will fit proportionally to the space.

Once the client's approval is given, the designer can then outfit the entire home. The key when working in a new condo space like The Pinnacle is to maintain the clean, modern feel of the original design but add warmth and texture to make it feel like home.

Many busy professionals want their home to be a soothing space, so designers introduce colour in small bursts. Saputra says "I really enjoy furnishing their homes with pieces that make them smile-- things like oversized mirrors that pick up the light from the expansive windows in the units."

The Designers of the Pinnacle believe that much of the space in a condo is multi-functional. For instance a dining room might also be a remote office for a few days while professionals stay out of Toronto and work from home.

As the head of FairTradeWorks Design Department, when Saputra hears the need for multi-functionality, she says "I ensure things like chairs are comfortable, tables are practical and yet everything still looks beautiful together.  Far too often, homeowners attempt to piece things together separately and wonder why it does not have a magazine look." As a Designer, she encourages them to look at the space as a whole and work with a budget to get a cohesive design for the money they want to spend rather than buying one piece that is really expensive and having nothing around it that compliments it.

Ivonny Saputra leads the FairTradeWorks Design team.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture, so she not only understands space but uses attention to detail when passionately designing beautiful interiors. Saputra’s introduction to the development industry came through an interior design firm in Jakarta. Since moving to Canada in 2010, she’s worked on countless residential and commercial  projects. She is now the lead designer in multiple new projects in Ontario for FairTradeWorks, including numerous seniors luxury home living projects, as well as new condominium projects like The Pinnacle in Belleville, ON.  

Ivonny Saputra


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