• May 15, 2018
  • By Meg McCaslin
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Use Colour to Make Your Statement

New condo projects like The Pinnacle in Belleville, ON are bringing exciting choices to the marketplace for first time homebuyers, as well as those wanting to downsize and forfeit home maintenance and space they no longer need in their large rural homes.

Along with a new space comes the opportunity to take the neutral colour palette of a model condominium to customize it to your own individual tastes.

Ivonny Saputra, the Manager of the Design Department at FairTradeWorks says that, “smart use of colour in a condo can transform a standard space into a personal statement.” She gives the example of how a living room done in The Pinnacle in downtown Belleville can reflect the sky and bring the calm outdoor waters of the nearby Bay of Quinte and Moira River indoors, simply by using the new popular pastel blue called Constellation Blue by Benjamin Moore. It can then be complimented with an off-white ceiling colour like Chantilly Lace also by Benjamin Moore, which will help reflect light and open up the space to give it the feeling that it is much larger and airy.

Saputra explains that “homeowners are often afraid to implement bold colours to a smaller space. They end up with neutral colours everywhere which can appear lack-luster when in fact, the opposite is what the space needs.”  She says that homeowners should be aiming for loud splashes of colour that will enhance the space and bring more life to the home.

Saputra says that colour transformation does not stop with the paint.  Accessories of bright colour placed strategically throughout the space help light bounce and draw our eyes to a chosen focal point. Wall décor, low-maintenance indoor plants, lighting fixtures & throw pillows are a few other things that can bring the design together.

Repetitive use of themed colours throughout a room like soft pinks or blues for instance can add a real soft & luxurious ambiance, while large swaths of dark colour can radiate a very intentional feel of masculinity & richness.

Allow these colour palettes to pique your design interest.